Cultures of Voting in the Mediterranean, ca.1200.-1700.

electorial bags and polizzeZavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Dubrovnikuu suradnji s King’s College London organizira međunarodni znanstveni skup „Cultures of Voting in the Mediterranean, ca.1200.-1700.“ Skup je organiziran u sklopu šireg projekta „Cultures of Voting in Pre-Modern Europe koji je financiran od British Academy/Leverhulme Trust.

Na skupu će sudjelovati petnaestak znanstvenika iz europskih zemalja (Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo, Italija, Nizozemska, Švicarska, Ukrajina, Hrvatska, itd.), a održat će se 25. i 26. travnja 2014. u prostorijama Zavoda i Poslijediplomskog središta Dubrovnik.


Friday 25th April– Institute for Historical Sciences, Lapadska obala 6
9.00-9.15 Registration
9.15-9.45 Introduction (Serena Ferente and Lovro Kunčević)
9.45-11.00 Session One: Florence and Genoa(Chair: Miles Pattenden)
Lorenzo Tanzini:From discussion to vote. Practices of political deliberation and written records in communal Italy (read by Lovro Kunčević)
Serena Ferente: Elections and parties in fifteenth-century Genoa
11.15-12.45 Session Two: Venice (Chair: Serena Ferente)
Maartje Van Gelder: Voting for a new doge. The electoral politics of the ducal vacancy in Venice
Maud Harivel: Golden, coloured and linen balls: material aspects of the political elections in the Doge´s palace of Venice
13:00-13:30 Transfer to Center for Advanced Academic Studies, Don Frana Bulića 4
14.30-16.00 Session Three: Dalmatia (Chair: Lovro Kunčević)
Nella Lonza: Cultures of voting in medieval Split: models and practices
Zrinka Pešorda: Voting and election in the elite Ragusan confraternities of St. Anthony and St. Lazarus  (14th-16th c.)
16.15-18.30 Session Four: Mediterranean Monarchies (Chair: Miles Pattenden)
Pierluigi Terenzi: The citizens and the King: Voting and elections procedures in south-Italian towns under the Aragonese
Vicent Baydal: Voting in the Parliament of Catalonia(14th-16th c.)
Alexandr Osipian: Voting on the move: elections of caravanbashi by Armenian merchants trading in the Ottoman Empire

Saturday 26th April– Institute for Historical Sciences, Lapadska obala 6
10.00-12.15 Session Five: Voting in the Church (Chair: Serena Ferente)
Vesselina Vachova: Let’s vote for the New World Order: procedural, administrative, legal and ideological dimensions of the Dardanelles meeting in 1235
Alex Russell: Popular involvement in ecclesiastical elections: theories and practices in the Western Church (1378 – 1462)
Miles Pattenden: Cultures of secrecy in the Papal Conclave
12.30-13.00 Roundtable Discussion(Chair: Miles Pattenden)

List of participants:
Vicent Baydal (Oxford University)
Serena Ferente (King’s College London)
Maud Harivel (University of Bern/ Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes)
Lovro Kunčević (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Nella Lonza (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Alexandr Osipian (Kramatorsk Institute of Economics and Humanities)
Miles Pattenden (Oxford Brookes University)
Zrinka Pešorda (Croatian Institute of History)
Alex Russell (Warwick University)
Lorenzo Tanzini (University of Cagliari)
Pierluigi Terenzi (University of Milan)
Vesselina Vatchkova (National Academy of Arts, Sofia)
Maartje Van Gelder (University of Amsterdam)