Vlastela grada Dubrovnika, 5

Nenad Vekarić, Vlastela grada Dubrovnika, 5. Odabrane biografije (E – Pe) [The Nobility of Dubrovnik, 5. Selected biographies (E-Pe)]. Zagreb-Dubrovnik, Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Dubrovniku, 2014.
The fifth volume of Nenad Vekarić’s book Vlastela grada Dubrovnika contains the selected biographies of the members of the patriciate from the letter E to Pe. Each biography consists of a detailed description of the individual’s kin circle, information about his education and career, as well as his works and their reception. All of this data is accompanied by references to scholarly literature, rich archival documentation and bibliographic data, as well as photographs and facsimiles of archival documents.