Fourth Croatological conference – Dubrovnik in Croatian history


Centre for Croatian studies, University of Zagreb each year organizes a croatological conference dedicated to the important topics regarding the history of Croatian culture. The fourth croatological conference will be dedicated to Dubrovnik and its cultural and historical legacy. It will take place on 16th -18th November 2015 in Dubrovnik, and will be co-organized with the City of Dubrovnik, Institute for historical sciences of CASA in Dubrovnik, University of Dubrovnik and the BERCAB foundation.
The cultural and historical heritage of Dubrovnik is a unique phenomenon. From its early medieval beginnings, the territorial, economic and social expansion of the medieval commune, all the way to the five centuries of political independence and growth, Dubrovnik represents the best documented segment of the Croatian history. Although situated at the very South of the Croatian cultural space, Dubrovnik participated in its developments and shaped its identity, even in the most complex historical moments.
The goal of the Fourth croatological conference is to gather scholars who will consider the connections and interactions of Dubrovnik with other Croatian lands from the perspective of historiography, linguistics, philosophy, ethnology, economy, demography, natural sciences, history of visual arts, music, and literature, as well as other disciplines. All of these connections and interactions have shaped Dubrovnik’s history and identity as one of the key components of the Croatian cultural space.