Successful defences of the doctoral synopses

doktorandi lastovo

On the 12 September, on the island of Lastovo, within the framework of the second workshop of the project “Transformations of the Collective and Individual Identities in the Dubrovnik Republic from the Late Middle Ages until the Nineteenth Century”, several doctoral candidates of the “History of population” program successfully defended the synopses of their future dissertations.  Vedran Stojanović presented the synopsis entitled “The image of urban space in the narrative and literary works: Dubrovnik from the 15th century until the great earthquake in 1667”. Ariana Violić Koprivec defended her synopsis entitled “Immigration to Dubrovnik from the Mediterranean countries (1808-1918)”. Ankica Džono Boban presented her synopsis “The causes of death in Dubrovnik (1825-1918)”. Marko Rašica elaborated on his future dissertation entitled “Ragusan confraternities after the fall of the Republic: between institutions, legislative and practice”. Finally, Sandra Šutalo defended her synopsis under the title “The development of the population of Neretva region in the 20th century.”