Slavica Stojan

Slavica Stojan (1951, Dubrovnik), scientific adviser at the Institute for Historical Sciences of CASA in Dubrovnik, and Full Professor at the University of Zagreb and University of Dubrovnik. She has graduated from the University of Zagreb, and obtained her PhD in the Croatian literary history in 1991. Major fields of study: history of Croatian literature, cultural history of the Mediterranean, history of everyday life (Republic of Dubrovnik), history of women, and history of emotions. She has published several monographs and a number of studies in Croatia and abroad. She lectured at several European universities: University of Sorbonne, Sapienza – Università di Roma, Università di Firenze, Università Orientale di Napoli, Università di Udine, Università di Trieste, University of Belgrade, University of Niš, etc. She also writes literary narratives and stories for children. Member of the Society of Croatian writers since 1992.
E-mail: stanislava.stojan(et)